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Limitations on Terms of Use

The design and rights for use of this website belong to Alarko-Carrier Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş (ACST) and this website is operated by the same. The elements and materials which are contained in this website are entirely or partially by Alarko-Carrier, Carrier and by the resources of companies which we are representing. Foreign materials are protected in accordance to the international copyright and trademark laws, while the materials generated by our company are protected in accordance to the Law of Intellectual Property Rights No. 5846 Appendix 4 (2000) which had been altered by the Law No. 4630.

No materials or elements, including the code and the software, can be altered, copied, duplicated and re-published. Except for the permitted ones, no materials can be transferred to another computer, e-mailed, sent or distributed. However, you can download the permitted materials only by leaving the copyrights and other announcements for property as it is. ACST reserves the right of performing modifications and/or putting restrictions on the contents, design, and access of its Website without prior notice. ACST may restrict of remove access to this Website for any reason and solely at its own discretion.

ACST makes its best efforts to keep the contents of the Website updated and accurate; however, ACST assumes no guarantees on the accuracy of the information provided and accepts no liability or responsibility for the information provided by the Website in respect to their being accurate, complete, and updated. The use of such information is under the visitor’s initiative and they are not legally binding.

There may be links to the other Websites in the ACST Website. ACST does not guarantee the accuracy and appropriateness of the information in the Website. The aforementioned links are for information purposes and they are provided for the convenience of the visitors. ACST may not be held responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of the information provided in the other forwarded websites and assumes no responsibility for any issues connected to the use of those links. Information accessed from those links are not binding for ACST.

Special limitations to the use of the materials of Alarko Carrier and of other companies which we are representing

Written, photographic, graphical, voice and video materials owned by Alarko Carrier and by other companies which we are representing may not be printed, published, re-written for the purpose of printing or publishing on any platform, directly or indirectly distributed. Our company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any delay, fault, error and omission arising from such sources or for similar problems and damages arising from the entire or partial transmission or delivery of these materials.

Access to the encoded information

The parts of our Website, which can be accessed via a passcode may only be entered by persons and corporations, which are entitled by our company with a passcode. Access of these parts through other ways and means and the use and distribution of the information contained in such parts for personal and commercial reasons will result in legal liability.

ACST Authorised Sales and Service Pages

Our company provides links and prompts to the ACST Authorised Sales and Service Şirketimiz, ACST Yetkili Satıcı ve Service pages. A part of the materials in these websites is supplied by our company and linked directly to the ACST website. No alteration may be made in this material. The information about the dealer and service companies in the dealer + service pages is not binding upon our company. The dealer and service companies may not use these pages for purposes other than specified.

Fields for Forum

ACST website may contain fields for forum, which enable the information cycle among the dealers and service companies and real-time interaction among users and chat rooms. ACST shall not inspect the messages, files or information sent to the fields of forum. The users of these fields of forum and this website shall agree and accept the following conditions:

· Not to prevent other users from utilising fields of forum, chat rooms and other interaction fields,

· Not to transmit or post any illegal, threatening, disturbing, insulting, swearing, aspersive, humiliating, rude, pornographic or unethical messages or information, including any messages of criminal, which have the nature of leading to legal proceedings or conflicting to laws of state or of government or to international laws,

· Not to transmit or post any information, software or other materials of the nature, which shall violate or conflict with others’ rights, including those which have the nature of violating other persons’ non-disclosure rights or publishing rights, those which are protected by other persons’ copyright or trademarks or those which are adapted from the materials falling to the class as described above without prior permission of the copyright owners,

· Not to transmit or post any information, software or other materials containing any viruses or anything harmful,

· Not to transmit or post or use any information, software or other materials containing any commercial purpose or advertisment.

The users of this service are deemed to agree and accept that ACST shall not bear any reposiblity of inspection of the fields of forum, chat rooms and other interaction fields. However, ACST shall be entitled to alter, to reject not to publish or to discontinue to publish or to disclose against any legal, administrative or governmental request any information, which it determines that such information does not comply entirely or partially to the conditions mentioned above.

Limitation of Responsibility

ACST, under no circumstances, shall not be responsible for any damages by any direct, indirect or accidental results caused by the use or non-use of ACST materials by the main or collateral or other related companies.


Hereby this contract shall be valid, unless terminated at any time and without prior notice by ACST. In the event of such termination the authorised Access to the fields of forum shall no longer exist and the limitations relating to the materials downloaded from the fields of forum to your computer and the rejection and limitation of responsiblities listed in this contract shall prevail.

ACST and Your Non-disclosure Rights

ACST may require you (when necessary) to yield the information that will describe you personally (“Personal Information”), in order to enable you to enter to certain parts and information. We commit and agree not to use such information for purposes other than the scopes specified for our company and our website. This way we may send you from time to time information about ACST services and products.

We may add a text file under name ‘cookie’ to your browser files of your computer. The Cookie, even if it does not contain Personal Information, will include the information how the website is used by yourself and will enable to relate the information mentioned above with the information received from you intentionally and particularly by the website.

If you consider at any time that one of our websites does not comply with these principles, please notify us via sending an e-mail to the following address "info@alarko-carrier.com.tr" and we will attempt with all the commercially reasonable act possible to solve and remove the problem.

If you have questions about our principles, please notify us via sending an e-mail to the following address "info@alarko-carrier.com.tr".


This procedure shall be conducted according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. If any provision of this procedure is legally not conductable for any reason, such provision shall be considered to be removed from this procedure, and however; this situation shall not affect the remaining provisions and their legal practice.

Updated on: 28.07.2009


Privacy Policy