Alarko Carrier For “The World’s Most Valuable Mosaics”

Alarko Carrier will provide the appropriate indoor environment conditions for the protection of the valuable mosaics in the Mosaic Museum in Turkey`s largest museum complex being built in Şanlıurfa.

Şanlıurfa aroused interest in the whole world with the “sacred area” defined as the”world`s first temple” and the finds excavated at Göbeklitepe. Therefore, Şanlıurfa known as “land of myths” was qualified as the “world`s oldest city”. A large and comprehensive museum project that will hold Şanlıurfa`s unique history is now underway.

Providing and maintaining the appropriate indoor environment conditions is critical for the conservation of important and valuable works in museum buildings where they will be displayed and stored. Carrier 39HQ series air handling units, Carrier 30XA Aquaforce Chiller and Alarko fan-coil units manufactured at Alarko`s Gebze Plant are being used at Şanlıurfa Museum of Archaeology and Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum. The building automation supplies are also being provided by Alarko Carrier.

The project`s main contractor is Göncü İnşaat and the mechanical installation project was prepared by Ber Mühendislik.