Alarko Carrier Undertakes Automation of Air-Conditioning at TED University

Alarko Carrier continues to combine quality with comfort for the distinguished educational institutions of Turkey.

As part of the Campus Expansion Project for TED University in Ankara, Alarko Carrier completed the automation of air-conditioning and introduced a Building Management System for the new additions to the Campus. or the 6 completed blocks, air-conditioning elements in all educational areas and students’ living spaces could be controlled via a single computer.

Maximum energy efficiency and comfort was aimed at in the project, which made a difference with Automated Logic Corporation DDC equipment and the WebCTRL software. Thanks to Automated Logic Corporation, the Building Management System enables controlling all ventilation, heating and cooling equipment under specified scenarios; makes it possible to achieve the targeted energy efficiency and promises many advantages for the future.Since an unlimited number of points and users is allowed, any new building constructed in the campus or any new device added can be integrated to the Building Management System.

Users can check, monitor and report data by connecting to the system software WebCTRL via the internet, intranet or GSM, using their PC, IOS, Android tablets or phones within the limits of their authorization. Parking lots where students and lecturers park their cars, lecture halls, cafeterias and all other areas can be checked spontaneously and adjustments can be made easily.