Mersin Navona Hotel Prefers Toshiba VRF Systems

Toshiba VRF systems were Hotel Navona’s air-conditioner of choice.

Guests of Hotel Navona, a boutique hotel located in the center of Mersin, only 1 km from the Marina, will enjoy the beautiful blue of the Mediterranean and hear the sound of the sea with the comfort of the silent Toshiba air-conditioners.

The DC Twin Rotary compressor technology used in Toshiba’s VRF systems maximizes energy efficiency with precise inverter control while simultaneous aging of the compressor and external units results in a comfort that is easily distinguished from the competition. The name of the new Hotel Navona in Mersin comes from the famous piazza in Italy. Inspired in its design by Piazza Navona, a typical example of the Baroque architecture, Hotel Navona is a special building, from its facade to interior decoration.

The 14-floor Hotel has 72 rooms, 2 king rooms, a capacity of 172 beds and 3 ballrooms which can serve 50-1000 guests on special occasions. For the air-conditioning of Navona Hotel, 19 external and 120 internal units with a cooling capacity of 855 kW were used from the Toshiba SMMS-i series.