Alarko Carrier Sponsors “Data Center Dynamics Converged Istanbul 2015”

Alarko Carrier sponsored the Data Center Dynamics 2015 Istanbul conference held in cooperation with RC Group at Haliç Congress Center on 8 December 2015.

Having been making RC GROUP SPA products available to Turkish customers since 2011, Alarko Carrier presented precise controlled air-conditioning solutions for environments such as data centers, system rooms, laboratories and hospitals where temperature and humidity should be controlled within very narrow tolerance limits, to the industry’s service with its brand assurance and the 50-year experience of RC GROUP SPA.

At their stand at the DATA CENTER DYNAMICS conference organized in Istanbul for the 6th time, Alarko Carrier representatives displayed RC GROUP’s precise controlled NEXT EVO INV DX air-conditioner with a 10 kW inverter, presented the company’s current product range and gave detailed information about the newly launched X TYPE system. The most important criterion considered when creating an efficient, energy-saving data center is the PUE value, which is calculated by dividing the data center’s total energy consumption by the energy consumption of IT equipment. The ideal value is 1. RC GROUP SPA stated that the new X TYPE system designed for data centers could bring the PUE value to 1.15. The system can achieve this efficiency even with high external temperatures by using a method called free cooling, by which mechanical cooling is shut down and external air temperature is used for cooling purposes.

During the “Solution Stage” session of the Data Center Dynamics Istanbul 2015 conference, Precise Controlled Air-Conditioners Product Manager Merve Nama Ünsaç made a presentation, comparing the X-TYPE system to other available systems and giving details about its advantages and working principle.