Toshiba E Series VRF Systems are in Turkey

Experience, excellence and progress has culminated in evolution. Toshiba, a pioneer of innovation, has introduced yet another first.

Toshiba E Series VRF Systems have been launched for the Turkish market.Toshiba Shops and authorized dealers under Alarko Carrier’s Ankara Office were given training about the new product at Ankara Rescate Hotel on 18-19 November 2015. Attended by 40 people, the training started with a speech made by Alarko Carrier Dealership Sales Manager Ali İsmet Koçak.

Koçak talked about the novelties offered by the E Series VRF Systems and the general condition of the VRF systems market in 2015. Then, Faruk Gençyiğit, Product Manager for Alarko Carrier Residential and Commercial Air-Conditioners, and Technical Manager Tuncay Kültür gave the 2-day training in a coordinated fashion. During the interactive training, it was explained that numerous features of the Toshiba VRF system, such as continuous heating, compressor back-up system, seasonal efficiency of more than 7.00 in cooling and 22 HP capacity in a single module, would make a big difference compared to the competition in the industry. In addition, Alarko Carrier Ankara Dealership Sales Department Chief Alper Özgür informed participants about specific site applications. The training ended with hands-on practice on a computerized selection program on the 2nd day.”