A Novelty in R&D: The “Passport System”

A leader of the air-conditioning industry, Alarko Carrier has introduced a new practice for its R&D projects.The company has launched the Passport System, developed by United Technologies Building & Industrial Systems (Carrier) as a “Product Development Procedure”.

With the new system, projects can be divided into different phases and followed up step by step; scope and content is checked by the project team during phase changes and submitted in a specific format to the Evaluation Committee, which may decide to keep or terminate the project. This method guarantees development of projects from a technical point of view and in terms of feasibility. With the Passport System, many matters such as resources, the industry, national and international requirements, expectations, trends, new developments, state of the competition and legal regulations can be considered and the ideal products which can meet expectations can be identified and produced.

Murat Çopur, Alarko Carrier Deputy Executive VP in charge of Plants, noted that they had started to work on this system even before the foundations of the R&D center were laid, and commented: “By 2012, we fulfilled all criteria without any exception and opened the R&D center in the Alarko Carrier facilities located within Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. There are air-conditioner, pump, heat, measurement and material laboratories in the center. With respect to their capacity and features, these make us a leader in Turkey. We launched the Passport System at a time when the works were still ongoing so that better-qualified products could be developed in R&D projects. This differentiates us from the 165 active R&D centers in the air-conditioning industry. And we are proud to be one of the 3 Ministry-listed R&D centers in the air-conditioning industry.”